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        Many may know by now and some may not but the truth is, my best friend and mother passed away last Friday on the 27th of October surrounded by her family, holding her and the last words she heard were “I love you” from each of us. She now dances in heaven with the Lord, her dad, and all her family who precedes her. I am a private person and wasn’t willing to allow my mother passing to be a source of gossip or discussion. I decided to write this post not to discuss her battle she so tirelessly fought against cancer or her last moments but about who she IS and what she has brought to my life and others.

My mother was not simply a woman of faith, she LIVED by the words she spoke. This was so evident by the outpouring of support and love given to her and our family during these last few weeks and months. She left behind a legacy that I can only do my best to honor and encourage in my children to come. While reading a book with my husband we were asked to answer the question “What is one mistake our parents made we wish they wouldn’t have” and my response after many minutes of thought was simply “nothing”. My mom worked multiple jobs to give my brother and I a beautiful childhood. Along with my dad and grandparents, she always provided us with not only the essential for living but taught us what they meant.

Kaytlain Beville

Somewhere over the RainbowIsrael Kamakawiwoʻole
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